Factory Approved Equipment
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As one would have a hard time arguing that the 'Jeep' vehicle is one of the most accessorized vehicles known to man.  After World War II Willys realized the potential market out there and by the time the Forward Control was introduced in 1957 companies were in full swing filling the need of Jeep owners everywhere.  Below are a few examples of products and conversions that were available to the FC owner.

John Bean Firetruck

Watson "Towboy" Wrecker unit

Fairmont Rail Cars

Tarco "City Slicker" FC-170

FC Mobile Deluxe Bumpers

Toledo FC-170 Postal Truck

Cutlas Tool & MFG. CO.

Canfield Wrecker unit

Trav-L-Aire Camper for FC-170

Jayhawk Dump Beds

Stahl Utility Beds

FC-170 Sweeper

Ramsey Winch

Ottawa "Big Muscle" Backhoe

Auburn "Jeep-A-Trench"

Western Snow Plow

FC-150 Removable Chair Seat

Henry "Mark V" Backhoe
Valley Fire Truck FC-170