Tech Questions
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This Tech page is up for a "New Look" as the bullet style has no organization.  Please bear with me as I research for a better flowing format.


This page contains answers to common questions that get asked from time to time on the Forward Forum.  It will also include some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

  1. Overheating problems, One man's answer

  2. Sagging Headliner Problem Fixed

  3. Surge Tank Options

  4. Cab Differences:  Early Verses Late Style

  5. What do I need to put a 4-Speed in my FC?

  6. Dual reservoir Master Cylinder Conversion

  7. Dual Master Cylinder Conversion

  8. FC-150 Overdrive Shifter Install

  9. FC-170 Overdrive Shifter Install

  10. T-90 Transmission Rebuild Guide

  11. Model 18 Transfer Case Rebuild Guide

  12. Can I add an alternator to my FC truck?

  13. Alternator conversion in a FC-170

  14. What do I need to repower my FC to use as a daily driver?

  15. Will offset wheels or spacers work on my Narrow-track FC-150?

  16. Rebuilt Motor Break-in procedure

  17. Forward Control Production Numbers

  18. Are Cabs Interchangeable?

  19. Why are there springs on my rear cab mounts?

  20. What springs do you use to lift a FC-170?

  21. What springs do you use to lift a wide-track FC-150?

  22. How hard is it to re-skin a Forward Control Door?

  23. VIN Tag & Frame VIN Locations

  24. The pros and cons about a Generator verses Alternator

  25. Getting a better top speed with an Overdrive

  26. Will an electric wiper motor fit in my M-series FC?

  27. What can I do to fix my 3-speed shift lever?

  28. FC-150 Bed Removal and what to look for guide.

  29. Speedometer Cables for FC Trucks.

  30. When did FC trucks change from 6 Volt to 12 Volt?

  31. Make your own cab corners with simple hand tools.

  32. Make your own floor panels with simple hand tools.

  33. See-through Instrument Cluster with wiring details.

  34. FC Jeep Door Differences

  35. Will an electric wiper motor fit in my FC?

  36. Converting the FC-170 L6226 Oil Bath air cleaner to use paper elements

  37. FC Shifter Boot Alternative

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