1958 Actual Commuter Concept Vehicles
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Concept Vehicle #2

Concept Vehicle #3

These pictures here shed a little light on two of the three Commuter concept vehicles that were produced in Stuttgart, Germany.  In the past, actual pictures of the Commuter featured a vehicle with wide whitewall tires and darkened windows which I'm now unsure if they had not been retouched or colorized.  As you can see from the pictures above, neither of these have been edited and came in raw form.  One myth that can be put to rest is that they are based solely on the FC-150 model.  Both these models feature 104" wheelbases with 57" & 63 1/2" track widths.  It is unclear if they were made from the 170 chassis which had not been produced at the time of their delivery to Germany or Stretched to that wheelbase in their creation.  It's kind of a "Which came first, the chicken or the egg" theory that has yet to be proven.  Regardless of that, sit back and enjoy this rare shots of Forward Control history.

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