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‘Jeep’ FC-170 Fire Truck Gives Suburban Chicago Community Best In Fire Protection

Diamond T Motors Sells Specially Equipped Unit To Volunteer Group

Few places like Hinsdale lay claim to a volunteer fireman’s association and a fine array of firefighting equipment that can come anywhere near matching that of this Illinois community.  Newest addition to the fire protection equipment is a handsome ‘Jeep’ FC-170 Truck which has been specially and completely equipped for the Tri-State Village Fireman’s Association, which has its headquarters at Hinsdale.  The vehicle was sold by Diamond T Motor Truck Company of Rock Island, Illinois.

Started In 1942

Purchase of the new ‘Jeep’ Fire Truck is the realization of a long-time ambition to Fire Chief Stanley C. Smith.  The group of volunteers, now thirty strong, started out in 1942 with an old fire truck which they purchased for ten dollars.  “By 1947 the first unit had seen its best days,” Chief Smith says, “and our group bought a war surplus chassis which the men worked over and remodeled.”  Through the years additional and improved equipment had been added and now with the acquisition of the new ‘Jeep’ fire fighting unit, the organization feels that it is just about the best equipped volunteer fire fighting group in the state.

Two-Way Radio

The vehicle, which was sold by C. W. Binkley, exclusive ‘Jeep’ vehicle salesman for the Diamond T Motor Company, has a two-way radio system, a front end winch, three bumper mounted nozzles, and a turret nozzle.  Additional equipment includes axes, extinguishers, hand lamps, a portable light plant, booster hose reels, and dozens of other items.  The vehicle can carry its own water supply and is especially designed to handle grass fires and other fires in areas which are off the road and in difficult places to reach.

Visibility Important

One of the most important factors influencing the sale of the Forward Control ‘Jeep’ vehicle was the unmatched road visibility from the driver’s seat.  Mr. Smith points out that this is extremely important in cross country travel where rocks and semi-concealed obstacles could seriously damage the fire-fighting equipment.  ‘Jeep’ vehicle four-wheel drive is also a “must” according to Mr. Smith especially on ice and snow covered roads where the emergency requires speed and road conditions, safety and traction.

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