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Patrick LaJuett's
FC-150 Page

John Edwardsson
Swedish FC Van

Richie Centrella
FC-150 Page

Jason Monday
FC Jeep Page

Tommy Roehrich
FC-170 Page

Andre Aquin
FC-170 Page


Bruce Schwartz
FC-170 Page

Keith Butler
FC-170 Extended Cab Page

Valentine Eggbuar
FC-150 Austrian Fire Truck

Ryan Lagace
FC-150 Blog

D&G Auto Care
"Big Red"

Weaver Brian FC-170 Blog


Contact Patrick LaJuett
with any web set up questions


Google Sites
Web site set up
Email me with your web site


All right now, don't tell me that you haven't thought about getting your FC up on the web someday.  You probably have a photo album of your truck or at least have snapped a few picture of it here and there.  Here's your chance to share those picture with the rest of the world!  Patrick LaJuett has this awesome site of his FC-150 and it features the documentation of the purchase and the ongoing restoration of his trusty steed.  He used Google sites to build the site and says that it is very easy to set up.  Check out the link to the Google site and if you have any questions Patrick has graciously offered his assistance in helping anyone get started.  Once you get your web site up, send me an email and I'll put up a link to your site right here.