Don Scott FC-170
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Don has been looking for an FC for a while.  He finally ran across this one at an auction in Arkansas.  Here's his first email to me after his purchase.

"I bought one of the 170s from the auction in Arkansas.  I went looking for a parts truck for the 677 I will drag home some day.  I think itís too nice for a parts truck, but it will be good firsthand experience.  Iíve been shopping for 15 years.  Itís time I had some sort of FC, and I couldnít resist the Koenig winch. 

There were only two bidders for three trucks so they went pretty cheap.  I would have bought them all if it was less than a 5-hour drive to come back for more.  They got even cheaper when it was discovered there were no titles with the trucks.

The one I bought, photos attached, is the one Floyd thought was a Navy truck.  All I can see that led him to believe that is the baby blue paint. (sprayed over red, sprayed over white). 

The truck he had been trying to get running was rustier, and he ruined the original patina with a really poor Krylon job.  The odometer read something like 1400 km, making me wonder if that 140 km speedo had been installed later in life."