Ralph at Corkscews Pass
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Ralph Trotter just came back from a trip to Colorado and sent me these really cool shots of him and his FC-170 tooling around the San Juan Mountains.  This shot makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck!  Black Bear and FC's must make for one white knuckle ride!  Ralph said that since they had over a foot of snow fall on September 4th above 10,000 feet, he was not able to conquer some of the passes that reach well past 12,000 feet.  This shot is from the start of Black Bear Road and he said he made it to Ingram Basin before he had to turn back.  I AM SO JEALOUS!!!

I think this shot is from the overlook at Corkscrew Pass on the way to California Gulch.  Hope that early snowstorm isn't a hint of things to come this winter for us Flat Landers!  Ralph also hit Pikes Peak while he was out west.  He says it's one of his favorite stops!  Thanks for sharing your vacation pictures with us Ralph!