Warrensburg Area Career Center FC-170 Build Project
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Now what a treat this is!  At our local Voc/Tec School they are working on old clapped out Cavalier's and Taurus'.  This group is living the dream!  Terry Treece, an instructor from the Warrensburg Area Career Center in Western Missouri sent me these pictures of their ongoing class project.  The students working on this FC-170 consist of High School Juniors & Seniors.  Check out that rear quarter window.  A little odd you say?  This group stretched this FC-170 cab 20" and also made the bed from scratch using the original posts.  It's all sitting on a 1981 Chevy frame and sports a 305 V8.  I love those custom wheel wells and rear fenders too!  The later pictures here are from their preparation for a showing at the "World of Wheels" show circuit that travels across the country.  What an awesome assignment.  Please keep us updated on your project.  A tip of my hat to all of you out there at Warrensburg R6.  Job well done!