A Textbook Restoration of a M-677
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Well boys & girls, sit down with your favorite beverage because youíre not going to want to miss a bit of this top shelf restoration!  The M-677 Crew Cab is one of the most sought after trucks in the Forward Control community and usually the intent of the owner is to create a freeway cruiser/hauler that would be compatible with todayís highways.  The Cerlist diesel that came in these vehicles is woefully underpowered and a tad smoky even when running correctly, therefore repowers usually find their way into the 677ís engine compartments.  There are very few operational original units still out there.  The goal of this truck is to recreate an original, just rolled of the assembly line truck without the use of body filler.  Take it from a 677 owner myself, Bondo and M-677ís are as common as peanut butter & jelly!  Even though this truck looks super clean, you never know what might be lurking under all that light colored paint.  Follow along and check out what it takes to get an M-Series truck back to tip top shape and ready for an olive drab makeover. 

The Benchmark

Initial Body Inspection

Down to the Frame

Rust Repair - Seek & Find

Blast & Seal Cab

Driver's Side Pillar Repair

Rocker Panel Replacement

Front Door Repair

Patch Panel Fabrication

Rear Door Repair

Final Fit & Finish

Prime & Block Sand

The Final Approach


Some Semi-Shiny Stuff


Chassis Disassembly


A Solid Foundation


Engine & Transmission

Time for some Paint!

Other Details
Along the Way


The Canopy

Getting Ready for the Bed

NEW 6-29-21

One last Fit

NEW 6-29-21

Canopy Painted

NEW 6-29-21

Putting Things Together
NEW 7-17-21

The Final Touch
NEW 7-17-21

What's Left To Do
NEW 7-18-21

   Stay Tuned....  Much More To Come!!!