John Escobar 1957 FC-150
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John sent me this great picture and email of his recent FC purchase.  Here's his story.

"I have been to your web site and it is very informative. I wanted to send you some pic's of one of my new purchase. I went to spring Carlisle and happened to see this picture and information on a 1957 fc-150. It brought back memories of when my dad had one. It was a fc-170 stake rack with a plow. Being from upstate N.Y. I learned to plow at a young age. I am now 44, I was 12 then. I wrote the information down and enjoyed the rest of my day at Carlisle.

                   When we got home I asked my fiancée Pam if she still had the information on the jeep. She found it written down on some scrap paper. I decided to call on it. I got a hold of a gentlemen named Bob Parker from New Oxford Mass, and to my amazement he still had it. He said he had bought it about 5yr's ago and it has been in storage for 2yr's.  The guy he bought it from had it 20 some yrs down to Cape Cod and drove it to the beach now and then. He had put it up every year in the winter while he owned it. 

                  Bob said it was in a storage container area around the corner from where he lived. We drove over to the container area and to my amazement he open it up and I was shocked. THERE IT WAS! I wasn't expecting it to be in that nice of shape. Especially for the year.  He said jump in and I will pull you out. Put it in second he said it might start. IT DID! I was ecstatic!  I let it idle till she warmed up and got out to take a better look. wow! I bought it right on the spot for the money it was a great deal.

                I felt so proud to load it on the trailer and bring here home. I no sooner got home and Bob called to see if I got home alright. He is a great guy and a new friend . I told him I will keep in touch with him and update him on the progress of her.

           Here are the pic's of my new gem, sharks and star fish and all. Hope you like her!"