FC-150 Pickup Bed Kits
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Sometimes people out there take big risks in introducing parts to an uncertain market.  Dave Maher at Precision Coachworks is one of those people and needs to be applauded for his commitment to the Forward Control community!  This is some of the first reproduction sheet metal parts available to the FC customer and something that is really needed.  We all know of the rust issues with the Forward Control vehicles but with 50 years of abuse the beds have taken their toll too!  These are exact reproductions that are now available for purchase.  Below is a note I received from Dave talking about his business and his new product for FC-150 Pickups.  Also check out the links below to see more pictures of the FC-150 beds and also check out his business web site.  Thanks so much Dave and we all wish you much success and hope this is the just the beginning of many FC related products from your company!

"Hi Craig: Thanks for your interest in the FC-150 Bed project! I've been producing the Willys bed, sold thru Walck's 4WD for years now, as well as the bed for the Dodge Power Wagon, and frame reproduction parts for the '35-'40 Fords, and I figured it's time to tackle the FC-150, despite warnings that there's no market out there for FC-150 parts! Well. it looks like I'll have to "create " the market! It's a project that's long been a challenge in me! I'm tackling this on my own, regardless of the outcome! I have enlisted the aid of Roy Wallace to help things along, and will be shipping a set of these floor panels to him shortly.

These parts are all made in the USA, and are exact reproductions of the originals!

So far we have the side panels, header panel, end panels, stake pockets, and now the floor panels ready to go. The tailgate will be next, and then the associated parts! The basic prices for the units are $1600.00 for the "upper" half, and $650 for the floor sections. Please feel free to ask all the questions you want - I'm a good communicator, but a lousy typist!"

More pictures of the FC reproduction beds

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